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ext warranty question

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is the extended warranty worth the money?.the dealer says I have 90 days to buy it for my new heritage.
2.5 year coverage

thanks need your input.

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I've got one. Bought it at the time I purchased the bike.

With the extended warranty if I need to I can take the bike to my local indy instead of the Dealer, which I like. I have used the warranty with the indy several times for tires, lots of construction in New Orleans with lots of nails in the street. Three new rear tires in the last year. Cost 50 bucks each instead of 300 bucks. If I keep going at this rate it will pay for itself plus within the next 4 years.

One of our local riders with a highly modified engine had his crank go. Took it to the indy and had it rebuilt with a new S&S Crank on the extended warranty. Dealer would have rejected him because of the mods but the indy got it through.

The two year manufacture's warranty has to be taken to the dealer but the extended warranty can be taken to the indy of your choice. To me it's a good insurance policy. If you don't have to use it I guess you loose, but if you do have multiple flats or a crank go it's worth it.

My 2 cents!
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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