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Exhaust question

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As a soon to be owner I have a couple of questions. Living in the UK I do not have such a choice for aftermarket exhaust, so at the end of the day I will have to look at having SS.

The question is I will be getting a FLHR pretty soon and would be looking to changing the exhaust , I am not sure about your country but in the UK the cops look down on aftermarket exhausts and you can score a fine plus 3 points on your licence (12 points and your banned for 6 months).
As you can imagine this is a small place, well small by comparison with most of your smaller states!, now the question:-

If I change the exhaust can I fit the shorty duals?
Do I have to have a stage one kit (for any change)?
what is a stage one kit ? is this just new needles for the carbs?
what is the expect cost in the US for say rear baffles and a stage 1 kit?

Many thanks DEKA
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Howdy Deka,

I'm still trying to get a grasp of this stage I as well. As I understand it now, the stage I air filter kit allows more air flow to compensate for the
lower back pressure when you go to a more open exhaust. I believe it's more critical for EFI bikes along with ECM calibration after changing out exhaust. For Carb'd bikes, you may only need/want to rejet the carb to get back a balanced system when you change exhaust. Since you probably won't be running anything too drastic from stock back pressure, you might not even have to do that. Change pipes and then check spark plugs to see if you've gone too lean.

We're just too high tech now-a-days. Never use to bother with all this...didn't know any better!

Anyone out there explain it better or more accurate, please chime in.

What part of the UK are you in? Wife's from Ipswich, Suffolk! Next time we go over, I want to stop in with the fenlander hogs. Looks like fun!

Cheers, Al
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Stage 1 is explained in the tech section of the www.sportser.org
It is also known as the Harley Tax, that is you need to pay out all of this cash to get the bike as it was designed to be before they tried to reduce emmissions etc. You need sreaming eagle exhaust mufflers, air filter and a rejetted carb. It increases the flow through the carb and on an 883cc gives 25% uplift in power (10hp)
Thanks Stuart,

but forget to cross your 't'. believe it should be www.sportster.org, cheers.
sorry - but we are still trying to get to grips with the english language over here!!
it would appear that prices are cheaper for harley parts in the us particularily from directpart.s but they will not supply international customers. if you are confident to fit your own then they apear to be the best value - me I struggle to check the oil!


I am from the North of England, I am a big football fan (or soccer for you guys). As your wife if she knows who the toon army are and this will tell you exactly where I live.
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