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fearnot69 said:
... plus the curved tube(can't remember the name of it) does better than the stock cross-over... J.T.
What does the "power curve" add? Performance, sound?

Does anyone have photos of the Bassanis installed?

I'm waiting until I return from Peacekeeping duties in Kosovo to pick up my 03 RKC. I've already started to chrome-essorize!!:D

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Targetman2000. (Shhhh, these lines are not secured) Keep our boys safe.
In reference to the question, the 'power curve' is to equalize pressure and soundwaves, basically. If I'm not mistaken. I'm definately no exhaust expert or expert on any subject matter. I will do a search on the bassanis, because I can't remember where I read this. Also, check out nightrider.com. They have an article in the cafe, which has dynos on certain exhaust setups. Peak hp, torque, and at different rpm ranges. Worth a look. I think they have a link to Bassanis. I sort of think that they are made by python. Again, I have done alot of research and it all runs together. Start with that. Also, JandPcycles.com offer them on line. Check them out. I will go with the slip-ons, with the stageI conversion after I break in my bike.
By the way, just paid for my 2002 RK on friday. Should hit the dealership around the middle of Sept. Getting a guy I know to pick it up in Oct. Only charging me $95.00 to do so. Not too bad, considering it is fourty-five min.s one way from the dealership to home. I won't get to see it or sit on it until 31MAR03. That is supposedly when I ETS. I hope everything goes alright here so I can ETS on time.(Got TOO MUCH ON MY PLATE.:D: Other priorities to take care of. You know what I mean?) J.T.
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