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Came across this early chart of my bike. This was made before any further tuning. During this run, I discovered that my rev limit was 5800. It was supposed to be 6000, but HD says plus or minus 200 revs.

Sometimes, I'd prefer that the TQ come in a little earlier than it does with 14 discs in the pipe, but all in all I like it. With 3.36 gearing, I can shift just about anywhere above 5 grand and still fall back into the sweet spot.

This bike:
80 inches
SE heads out of the box
MM EFI with 42 mm throttle body
"Stage 2 with Heads" flash (for this chart)
E-pipe with 14 discs
3 inch K&N
PCIIIr with custom map (rich at bottom and leaner at top on this run)
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