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Engine Painting

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Anyone got any tips on touching up wrinkle finish engine paint. Ive removed a lot of the chrome and have used a degreaser. Getting ready to mask it off and spray it. ANything to be concerned about such as flaking?
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The trouble with "touching up" cylinder heads is the flaking, just like you said. What are your options? You could have the parts bead-blasted. There are plastic beads that will strip the paint and not harm the finish of the metal. That's what I woudl recommend.

A few years ago when GM was having paint problems with their trucks and vans, recalled vehicles were beaded. Paint was easily reapplied then.

Trouble is, if you strip the metal of it's paint, you also lose some of the corrosion-resistance it has. Be sure to recoat right away.

Then again, just buy some nice chromed jugs and install them. After all, you own a Harley. You must be rich, right?

I'am painting my engine in black this weekend. I'd like to know if there is a good product to do this and what brand you recommend. I understand there is a spray can of black paint that wrinkles after applied to engine. Like to get this kind.
Any and all suggestions are very welcome...
I picked up a can of Harley Davidson black wrinkle finish. I plan to do mine this weekend as well. It was 9.95 at the local dealer.
Eastwood, a company in PA makes some great heat-resistant paints. They may have a website.
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