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Being that I'm a FNG to this forum, and to Harley's, I figured I'd introduce myself. I'm Rob, 27, from San Jose, CA. I've been riding metric cruisers for about 3 years. My previous bike was a '93 Honda Shadow VT1100C. It was my daily rider (when it wasn't raining). Had it for about 2 years and put over 20k miles on it (great, almost year round riding weather in Nor-Cal), and the darn thing is still running strong (62k miles total).

I had been dreaming of owning a Harley for as long as I can remember, but as you all know, they aint cheap. So it wasn't a purchace I was going to take lightly. Anyway, after much soal searching, and arguing with myself over which bike was right for me and my riding style I decided on a Vivid Black '06 FXSTBI (Night Train). Love the 200mm rear tire and the minimal chrome. I'm not a huge fan of chrome. Yes it looks good, but personally, I'd rather ride my bike then clean it. Know what I mean?

Well, at the moment the bike is bone stock (the rarest of Harley's), and still in its break in period. Got a set of Python Staggereds and SE Stage I A/C, and am waiting on a SERT. I'm waiting for everything to come in, and to get over 500-1000 miles before doing the mods. I can live with it sounding like a sowing machine for a little while if it will extend the life of the bike. At the rate I ride, it shouldn't take too long. Other things I'm going to get, when $$ permits, are a shorty sissy bar for the GF and a set of saddle bags. Also considering powder coating the triple trees and fork sliders black, and maybe Ape Hangers (like the look but don't know about the comfort).

Anyway, thats me in a nut shell... Thanks alot for reading this...
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Hey, Petrock, welcome to the forum. I think you have just purchased one fine ride... I really like the FAT rear tire on your bike. That really sets up a good looking ride.

You'll really like it here. Lot's of good folks to converse with and a great place to learn stuff.

Congrats on that new ride... and ride safe!

Welcome to the finest motorcycle forum on the INTERNET. Nice bike you got there.

Enjoy your ride here and on your scoot.

Grab some laughs when you can. Light up the rear tire and make some noise.
:cheers: Welcome to VTF man!
Congrats on the new softie.I just Picked up a mint mini upright and pad to go with my badlander seat on ebay for 30 bucks :woohoo: check out ebay 1st.
:welcome: to the forum. Congrats on the Train!! Post up often and enjoy!

Saddly, HD (according to their web site) doesn't make a mini sissy bar for the '06 Softails/Night Trains (200mm rear tire), yet... The only ones available are medium/short sissy bars which are too tall, imho.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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