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Electric Brake Controllers

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Anyone who pulls a trailer have electric brakes? Just wondering about the type of controller and where you're mounting them.
We use one for our truck and 5th wheel but never had experience with one for a bike.
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Not for use on MC trailer (reason) Trailer brakes pulls bike down HARD!
Trailer brakes for auto are good you have four wheels for balance. Gros MC trailer weight should not exceed 350 Lbs That will equal a Tounge weight of (10%) 35 lbs.
Your ride only weighs around 700 + pounds before you add yourself, Full trank and a overweight princess.
Thanks Vazhog-Lots of opinions on this topic I guess. Seems like there's lots of riders using them and the adjustment is real important. The positives are when properly adjusted, they can slow the trailer down just prior to the bike brakes being activated. Still trying to make a decision for us so thanks again.
Hi mont1340

What kind of bike trailer were you going to buy? I myself would like to get a trailer in the future but there are so many out there on the market :confused: I think price will have alot to do with my desision. I saw a web site for a trailer called a N-line, it looked kind on "neat" at age 44, can I still use that word? :p ;)
We've pretty much decided on the Quicksilver "Lazy Bum". It's at quicksilvertrailers.com. There's an excellent index at http://www.aerobourne.com/motorcycletrailerindex9.htm which lists a serious number of manufacturers. All depends on what a person wants. In our case, we wanted to be able to get inside a stiff walled trailer and not sleep on the ground. I did way too much of that back in the 60's. We've struggled with the weight issue but after talking with other Quicksilver owners, we're okay with it. Our travel plans have us going from Montana to Maine in July and August. Camping a couple nights then hitting a motel. On trailers, it seriously depends on what your needs are I think.
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