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Electra glide axel

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Good morning,
I have a quick question and can't find the definitave answer in the shop manuals but what is the axal size on a 2002 electra glide....3/4 or 1 inch.....I know I could take it apart an measure but....Santa is getting new rims and bearings today....
Thanks for yor help...
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I am positive the front is 1" and 75% sure the rear is also. I thought they went to the 1" front axle in 2000 and changed the rear a couple of years later. I am not an expert so don't order your wheels based on my information.
I have a 01 glide and it has the smaller ones......if i had to guess i think they increased them in 02 ,,, ,but i would call a dealer and make sure before placing any orders ....rat
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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