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After a year of me looking at the fender sitting in my shed, I'm sick of it, I think it's finally time to sell it, along with other Electra Glide Crap.

So, For Sale, all off an '05 EG Classic:

Front fender, vivid black, double silver pinstripe with chrome accents/bumper/whatever it is. I have no idea how much to charge, does $100 plus shipping sound too much? If so make me an offer. Fender has about 2000 miles on it. No dents, dings, major scratches, just usual wash swirl marks. Overall in very good condition.

Also for sale, the passenger grab rail, rear turn signal bar with turn signals. All signals have complete wiring, not cut. Oh yeah, I have the stock seat with about 10 miles on it for sale along with a new RK Badlander seat.

Don't tell me I'm asking too much, or why don't I have a price listed. You want it? Make an offer. A penny is not an offer. $50 for the seat is an offer.

Buyer is going to pay for shipping, that's all I know. Any questions, PM me.

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