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Does anyone know the procedure for restarting an EFI bike after the tank has been run dry? Yeah, I know, put gas in it again. I got that covered for anyone thinking about going that route. :p Do you follow the same ideas as you would with a fuel injected car? What does the manual say?

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Nothing to it. The smart thing would be go thru the priming sequence two or three times, just turning the switch on and off and waiting maybe 30 seconds between cycles.

Or you could just crank it until it starts.

If you are not used to the EFI bikes, do not give them any throttle when cranking the engine. It is not a good idea to run them real low on fuel either unless necessary. The fuel pump is actually cooled by gasoline and it pumps a much larger amount then the bike uses, so it recirculates in the tank. It makes a difference over the long run.
Just remembered you will be on the hiway with the new bike.


It varies from bike to bike, but they have a habit of running 140 or 150 miles before the gauge goes down to half and by the time the lite comes on you'll be on fumes. Use the trip odometer to calculate fuel.

Mine goes well over 200 miles on a tank, but many don't, it's smart to refuel every 160 or so until you learn what yours does.
HIPPO'S right -

My tank has less than a 1/2 gallon remaining by the time the "light" comes on. That's not much...

Thanks for the replies. I was actually thinking about having the wife carry a can of gas in the car for the trip from Yuma to Mesa… just in case.:)

If you fill up in Yuma, you'll make Casa Grande easy and there are plenty of gas stations there. Total trip is only 200 miles.

The out of town gas is better anyway, once you get into Maricopa county they have the oxygenated ****. In any event I suggest you do NOT use ARCO gas, the bikes and most anything else hate it.

So you'd take 8 from Yuma to the split and take 10 up? I've been going 8 to 85 catching 10 there into Phoenix, but if you've got a better route...
I'm a Mobil fan, don't know why other then it seems to get me a little better mileage and of course, I always use premium.
If you take 8 to the 85 coming from Yuma you'll never get to what I call the split (8 & 10 in Eloy). If you go north on 85 at Gila Bend it takes you into Buckeye on 10, and then you have to cross all of Phoenix on 10 going east with heavy truck traffic and there is a lot of construction on 60 coming into Mesa.

There are two other ways to go.
About 40 miles or so past Gila Bend on 8 there is a road that goes off to your left that crosses the Gila indian reservation and takes you straight into Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa from the south. I think its 347 or something like that, but it might be marked as 84 as there is a Y north of the exit. Beats the superslab.

The other way is to follow what eventually turns into 87 out of Casa Grande, but it's longer and easy to get lost on. Bunch of little roads (187, 287, 387) that do strange stuff. Good day ride though.

Up to you, see if you can find 347 on a map, if you don't run 85 mph on 10 you will get run over. Good thing is here you can run the HOV lanes with a bike if you have to take the slab.
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Looked at mapquest and found the route. Is there gonna be gas stops on the reservation or near enough not to worry?

Thanks for all the help.

There is a station near Maricopa, but you might want to fill up in Gila Bend to be on the safe side with a new bike. Mine will make it all the way easy and so should yours. Not really a problem during the day time and there are stations in Sun Lakes near to 10 also.
Thanks for the help Hippo. See you on the road.

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