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My GF has a '07 Heritage Softail that won't start unless it sits with the ignition on for about ten seconds after the engine light goes out. I had thought it was the battery, since she rarely rides it during the winter. But three batteries later, it still does the same thing regardless of whether it's been ridden the same day or not. It's charging just fine (14.9v - 13.8v), and like I said this is the third battery with no change in the problem.

I'm thinking the EFI is not building up enough pressure until after the pump runs for an extended time, at which time it will fire right up. That's my only guess at this point, I'm thinking filter or pump is gonna be my best guess....:confused:

My '99 Super Glide starts first time, every time but it's not EFI.

Any opinions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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