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M1057 Service bulletin
Intermittent High Idle

Harley-Davidson has received reports from dealers that
electronic fuel injection equipped motorcycles were experiencing
intermittent high idle speeds, usually after a hot
restart. Inspection of returned parts has shown that the idle
speed control (ISC) pintle guide ID was undersized, causing
excessive friction between the O-ring on the pintle and
the pintle guide ID. With high ambient temperatures, the
friction became sufficient enough to cause a binding condition
in the ISC, which held the throttle in a high idle position.
Further investigation has revealed this condition could
occur on an unknown number of 1996 vehicles shipped
from York between March and July. The ISC should be replaced
only on those motorcycles that experience the high idle speed problem.
There could be other causes of high idle speed such as
improper throttle/cruise cable adjustment or engine temperature circuit problems.
If you encounter a fuel injected motorcycle with this condition,
connect the Scanalyzer and, with the engine temperature
greater than 284 degrees F., check the Data Monitor menu items for abnormal readings.
Several of the key menu readings should be approximately:
RPM – 1000 RPM
ISC – 0 Steps
ET – > 284 Deg.
TP – 3.2 Deg.
TP – 0.4 v
Inv PW – 3.9 ms
Advance – 15 Deg.
If the high idle condition occurs after a hot restart, and the
ISC pintle appears to be extended, fax your Scanalyzer
readings, along with a request for a replacement ISC, to
Technical Service at (414) 343-8334. A replacement ISC,
fasteners and lock plate will be sent to your dealership at no charge.
Required Dealer Action
1. Remove seat, air cleaner assembly and two rear fuel tank mounting bolts.
2. Loosen front fuel tank mount, then raise and support rear of tank.
3. Standing on the left side of the motorcycle, remove the
two 8 mm ISC fasteners using a 1/4 drive, 12” extension with a swivel and another 4” extension.
4. Continue repair using the appropriate steps on pages
5. Reassemble the motorcycle.

After installing seat, pull upward on front of seat to be sure it is locked in position. If seat is loose, it could
shift position during vehicle operation and startle the rider, causing loss of control and personal injury.
Use labor code 7490 for idle speed diagnosis and request an additional reimbursement of 0.5 hours for this ISC replacement. File a warranty claim in the normal manner.

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