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This article gets more interesting at about the 11th. paragraph.
Brad Thor on What Could Be Coming
SEPTEMBER 11, 2007


GLENN: Now, what is Al-Qaeda possibly planning for us? We started to line it out yesterday on the radio and last night on television, and Brad Thor is with us. He's a guy who is a best selling author. His latest book is The First Commandment, but he's also part of the, what is it, the red cell?

THOR: The Analytic Red Cell unit, Glenn. I was invited to join that after 9/11 which is a group of people in the Department of Homeland Security that try to stay four or five steps ahead of the terrorists by envisioning what they might do to us next.

The First Commandment
by Brad Thor

Description: A fast paced thriller about terrorists that is full of non-stop action and suspense.

Glenn's Comments: An exciting read that kept him up half the night with its relentless action.

Mentioned: Week of July 16, 2007

GLENN: Now, Brad, I wanted -- I just want to point out that what we're talking about is not just a bunch of think tankers saying, ooh, this could happen. This is really coming from hard evidence that our Government really does not want us to know per se. I mean, they've been alerting people, but they're been doing cryptically because they don't want widespread panic.

THOR: It's true. And Glenn, you know what, you and I have not spoken since last night on the TV show. I was contacted late last night by someone who said -- a source that I trust who said, Brad, you know, there's one thing you and Glenn haven't talked about. Osama Bin Laden is a real student of history. And he said, there is a historic precedent for The Perfect Day, and this is a connected person who I know is involved in the war on terror and what's going on. He said, there was something in India called the sepoy mutiny, or the first Indian uprising where the -- and I'm trying to get the rest of it and I hope to have more for your radio program tomorrow, but this thing we're talking about, The Perfect Day, actually happened in colonial India where the Brits knew it was coming but they thought, no, this, this can't be, and how are we ever going to defend against one guy here, one guy there and it actually happened in India. So this is something I want to track down for you.

GLENN: Okay.

THOR: But the rest of what we've been talking about, yes, the dots are out there. Every time we look, there's something else, and they are connected and that's something we need to be very conscious of.

GLENN: Okay. So tell quickly about the dots that we explained yesterday.

THOR: Well, we talked about things. First of all, we based it on this Al-Qaeda model of being like a shark, how they swim big concentric circles. They don't come right in and bite you. They collect Intel, getting closer and closer, tighter and tighter in the circles. But before they attack, before they take the bite, they come up and they bump you. They want to see are you a threat, are you going to put up a fight, or can we get you. And that's what we're seeing across the country with the two Saudi Arabian men. I talked to people in that investigation down in Florida, in the Tampa area, the two Saudi men that boarded that school bus and wouldn't get off and all that kind of stuff where there was a strong feeling among people involved in that investigation that that was a dry run. We see this, we see school buses missing, 17 in Texas. We see thousands of school bus radios missing in the Northwest, the Pacific Northwest. We find, in the course of this investigation, I talked with -- it would blow your mind how many law enforcement departments I talked to that have interrupted active surveillance on schools across the country. The dots are there.

GLENN: So tonight -- first of all let me just tell this story again. In Iraq we found a diskette that had a -- that had downloaded all of the Department of Education security measures, and they're all available online.

THOR: Not only a diskette, Glenn, but that disk was on an Iraqi who was arrested in a terrorism raid, an Iraqi with known ties to active Islamic terrorism.

GLENN: Okay. Well, that makes it even happier. So the diskette has basically our emergency procedures in our schools and what the Department of Education says you've got to be ready for and this is what you do in case. So there's another sign that they're studying us.

THOR: Yes.

GLENN: The next thing that we found in Iraq again was eight different schools. Tell me where these schools were and what we found.

You will find it (i think) verry interestingOkay. What was found in an insurgent, an Al-Qaeda affiliated safehouse over in Iraq, they were school blueprints, basically, floor plans for schools across the country. San Diego, California, West Salem, Oregon, Boyertown, Pennsylvania, schools in Texas, Virginia, New Jersey, and this was very, very disconcerting and there was a cover story that was concocted that, hey, this was just some Iraqis who were involved with the Ministry of Education in Iraq and they're looking to rebuild their schools and all that kind of BS.

GLENN: Unbelievable. I mean, who would buy that, that they come to us to look at the architectural plans of schools all around the country, six or eight -- I mean, were these remarkable schools, architecturally speaking, Brad?

THOR: No, no, it wasn't incredible Frank Lloyd Wright but it shows you how desperate the FBI is to get to the -- they are desperate. They are working so hard to prevent this from happening. That's one thing I want your listeners to know is that they do not want this to happen. They are working hard, but at the same time they are trying to prevent people from panicking.

GLENN: Right.

THOR: And it's a real delicate balancing act that those who keep us safe have to juggle.

GLENN: I will tell you this. The frustration and the reason why we're exposing this is not because we don't feel the Government is doing their job. Quite the opposite. The Government is doing their job on this. They don't have all of the dots. They just have it -- it's exactly like September 11th. What did you know and when did you know it. Well, we knew that they were trying to do pilots but who would have thought that they were going to do it into the World Trade Center? We didn't know that piece. We're in exactly the same situation.

THOR: Well, and what's amazing, Glenn, is as I've done this investigation and I've talked to my sources and you talk to one who says, well, I've got somebody else who's fed up with the foot-dragging here and you need to talk to him and you need to talk to her, a lot of the reticence to implementing plans that can keep our kids safe, believe it or not, are coming from the schools themselves.

GLENN: Yeah. Well, that's because -- and this goes to what I was saying just a little while before you came on, that's because a lot of these schools are in the heartland, they're in small communities and they think, oh, well, nothing will happen here. You are the bigger target than New York City on this particular case, right?

THOR: Exactly. In one of the things that we're seeing here is that they are looking for the softest targets possible, and that means when you're looking at schools in the heartland, you look at how long it takes from a 911 phone call to getting a tactical team, not just patrol officers but a tactical team on site, and in a lot of places that takes a long time, especially if you have a multijurisdictional swat team. So what these terrorists are looking for from the stuff that's been recovered, and tonight on your CNN Headline News program, we're going to have John Giduck on who wrote the book terror at Beslan who wrote the book, the dress rehearsal. Bin Laden has said what we did in Russia, we will visit 100 times worse in America. He's even gotten a religious edict allowing him to kill up to two million American children and what they are looking for is a school where the girls are old enough to rape and the boys are too small to fight back.

GLENN: Okay. I asked you, I just talked to a woman about a half hour ago. She said she watched last night's special with her 14-year-old son. I ask you that you do not have your kids watch tonight. Tonight is really horrific stuff. I mean, tonight is -- and correct me if I'm wrong, Brad. You've seen much more of this than I have. It's "Take your breath away" evil stuff.

THOR: Glenn, I have a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old and I've known John Giduck for a little bit who's going to be on tonight, John Giduck is going to reveal things on your show tonight that I'm going to bet you 99.9% of your audience has never heard before and it's, it's actually going to even be difficult for me to sit through it tonight because it's that bad.

GLENN: Okay. Now, there's two things, also. One, there was something else that -- Stu, just remind me, football games and buses, will you? ADD moment. There was -- hang on just a second, Brad.

THOR: Sure.

GLENN: I want to go back to Pakistan because there was something else that we touched on last night and we didn't play this tape. We were only cleared to play a few seconds of it. I'm going to try to expand that and put it on tomorrow's newsletter so you can see it. There's eight hours of tape that we found in Pakistan in another Al-Qaeda training camp, eight hours of tape where they made a mock American school. The guy, the terrorists came in and they took mock American students, they took one little boy and they shot him in the head immediately and then in English said, "Now follow our directions exactly." It's how to take over an American school. It's eight hours of tape. Only an hour of it has been seen by American law enforcement officials here in America. We've only seen part of it. What else is on this eight, the eight hours? What is this?

THOR: It's kind of the master planning tapes of Al-Qaeda. It is the full library as best as our intelligence and military people know, and what they did was they edited down to a one-hour version to show American law enforcement in particular what they need to be prepared for, and the most chilling thing, there's the drive-up motorcycle assassinations and things like that but the one thing that's resonated throughout the law enforcement community has been the attack on the school where they have the mock role players. They've even got -- you can hear in the background there's almost like a soundtrack of children crying, to add realism to the training of these Al-Qaeda operatives, and they are issuing their commands in English and then what they're doing almost kind of PR media savvy is they take a bunch of them up to the roof and they execute them on the roof, kind of for the television cameras to show how serious they are. And one of the -- if that isn't frightening enough, Glenn, what we've discovered is all of their plans on how to surveil the schools, how to get in the schools, how to hold the schools, the one thing that's missing from all these plans, there is no exit strategy. These people are not planning to leave alive. They want to play this out for the media. They want to absolutely devastate us emotionally, psychologically and also financially with this kind of attack here.

GLENN: Right.

THOR: And then they are going out feet first.

GLENN: And this is not something that is going to happen in one school.


GLENN: The theory is that this is going to be a coordinated attack all across the country in multiple locations.

THOR: Same day.

GLENN: To -- yeah, to completely devastate, shock and horrify America. You know, I said yesterday that the instruction that I gave my ex-wife, the mother of my older children, and she didn't want to know. She said, Glenn, I don't want to know all the details, and I give her the option because she's kind of that person. And she really doesn't -- usually she just dismisses me. She's not somebody who -- you know, she's heard my rhetoric for a long time and she's like, uh-huh, right. It was very surprising when I talked to her about this. She said, tell me what I need to know, and I did, and I gave her some of the sources, et cetera, et cetera of what we've learned and she believed me, much to my surprise, and I gave her the advice of, if you see -- if you're watching TV or if I see it, I will call you. And I don't care if you're in a meeting where you are, you know, your boss is saying, you know, you're going to be fired and you're going to lose your job. If I call you or if you happen to see that in Kansas, a school has been taken, you leave, you go to our school and you tell the principal, I need to get my kid because she's got a doctor's appointment.

THOR: Right.

GLENN: Don't panic anybody, don't do anything because it's most likely not going to happen. Don't cause panic but get the kid out of school. Now, if it happens at our kids' school, you do not go to the school. That's the last thing you do.

THOR: Exactly. And the big reason why, this is something that has not filtered out enough to the American public. One of the big concerns is because -- and you and I have talked about this on the program before that as human beings, as Americans we gather at the site of a tragedy to help support each other. Well, the big fear is that Al-Qaeda is counting on that. They want us -- because it's this overwhelming urge to protect our children, that we will rush to the scene and as we gather there with news crews and the First Responders are trying to set up a cordon to keep us back, what's going to happen is they'll either be snipers or, worse, there are going to be car bombs strategically placed throughout the parking lot and around the perimeter of the school that they will start lighting off one by one to just get an even bigger body count.

GLENN: Brad, we have a late afternoon feed today, a video feed of, from what I understand is some of the footage from inside Beslan that has never been seen before. Can you tell me about it? Are you aware of it? Do you know what this is?

THOR: I know a little bit about it. John Giduck again is the expert. He's former military, he's a law enforcement trainer. John actually speaks Russian and he was there very early on with the siege at Beslan. He has trained some of the Russian special forces members. So he's very intimate with this, and I think this is something again that's part of this whole package of the things that Americans need to see and know. I've seen some, but I don't know exactly what it is that John's going to be sharing.

GLENN: And I don't know if that video's going to be ready for tonight's broadcast because it's a very late afternoon feed and it's been sketchy on whether or not it's going to come in on time, et cetera, et cetera. But if not, we will put it in the newsletter at GlennBeck.com. Free newsletter. Just sign up on the front page of the website at GlennBeck.com and each participant of each special on each episode of the TV show this week is writing a longer kind of piece for the newsletter so you'll be able to have all the information that they talked about on television, all of the transcripts and also additional information that they have. Again it's free. Get it. Sign up right now at GlennBeck.com. You'll be able to see the video and you'll also, you'll be able to pass it on to your friends so they know. But the important thing is, know this information. Information is power. You don't panic from this information.

Brad, we'll talk to you tonight.

THOR: Thanks, Glenn.

GLENN: All right. Bye-bye.

THOR: Bye-bye.


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