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Edelbrock Quicksilver 2

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I just picked up a used Edelbrock Quicksilver 2 carb. Was wondering if anyone has used an Edelbrock with good or bad results. I have never had an Edelbrock motorcycle carb. I won't be using it for a while and was wondering if it will be worth using. I may try it on my 107". Not sure if I can jet it big enough for all this motor. I would love to hear back from anybody that has used one. Thanks.
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I used a Qwiksilver II carb on an Evo back in 1995 when they first came out. At the time, the carb was owned by Red Edmonson (? spelling) who actually designed it. He later sold the rights to Edelbrock. The carb I had was a 38MM. Doubt that would function good on a 107". So check which you have.

I really liked the carb. Easy to tune, good gas mileage and it's still on the bike today although I don't own it anymore. I wouldn't hestitate to use one again. Lots of people thought they were difficult to deal with but I didn't find that to be the case. They definitely won't run worth a toot without some backpressure in the exhaust system so drag pipes are out.

I have an almost brand new one that I bought in 1999 from a guy that put it on a 1998 Evo but then decided to sell the bike and took the carb off. I bought it from him. Still wrapped up in the box on the shelf.
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