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Edelbrock Quicksilver 2

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I just picked up a used Edelbrock Quicksilver 2 carb. Was wondering if anyone has used an Edelbrock with good or bad results. I have never had an Edelbrock motorcycle carb. I won't be using it for a while and was wondering if it will be worth using. I may try it on my 107". Not sure if I can jet it big enough for all this motor. I would love to hear back from anybody that has used one. Thanks.
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It's easy enough to carry an antihistamine bottle filled with an additive at every fill up. I use Mercruiser myself always some around if you have a boat. One bottle treats 35 gallons so only a squirt is needed.

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I carry a bottle of octane boost just in case. I've had group rides where someone puts the wrong fuel in. Heck we even had one woman put diesel in her bike! DOH! "I don't know what's wrong with it!" Fortunately a couple guys were able to drain and flush the tank and carb and get her back on the road.
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