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Somebody please help me out here.
I'm trying to get my **** ready to ride in our Vets parade but I have got to get my clutch plates changed out first.
I've never done this and I'm getting conflicting reports on what I've gotta do.
One wrench tells me I need a press to disassemble and reassemble the basket.
Another, and my manual never mention a press, just tightening the center nut down until I can get the adjuster nuts off and then the spring assembly comes off as one piece.
Which is it?
This is a dry clutch (E84). The manual says something (not much) about spraying the plates with a silicone lube. The first wrench said something about burning them in... Which? neither? Both?
The reason I'm stuck here is because of the two wrenches around here one is too damned old to do much work and the other is off pipelining all the rest of the guys I know are about like me, marginally mechanically inclined but ignorant.
Thanks in advance to anyone who knows anything on this.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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