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E-Glide Voltage & Air Temp Gauges Question

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My ride is a 96 E-Glide Classic. Two questions:

1. I noticed recently that my voltage gauge needle sticks on occasion. I know it's not a loose wire cause I checked that when it first happened. The last two times it happened, I gave the glass a little tap with my finger and the needle rose from 0 to it's normal operating position. Anyone else had this problem?

2. Anyone know where the sensor is for the air temp gauge? The thing is notoriously inaccurate and it's useless the way it is. If I knew where the sensor was, I might try relocating it.
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I thought about replacing the gauge but I have an oil temp dipstick so it would be redundant though easier to read while riding. Was the oil temp gauge/sensor fairly easy to install?
Replacing the gauge itself is the easy part. The hard part is putting the sensor in the oil tank and running the wire. I'd love to have something in that space that actually meant something too. But the juice just isn't worth the squeeze yet for me.

Thanks for the advise on the wire. I'll look for that wire and probably extend it like you say next time I'm kicking the mice out of my fairing which will be in the coming week. Seems they like making their nest in there but they haven't done any damage yet. I heard they don't like fabric softener sheets so I'll be adding a few of those in there along with some poison bait as a backup.
Serious? In the fairing? Mice? How the heck do those little varmints get up in there? I know those suckers can crawl up a lot of surfaces, but dang...
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