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E-Glide Classic Radio upgrade

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Since I installed new pipes on my '02 FLHTCI, the wife says she can't hear the radio and I can't hear her (and that's a bad thing?).
Anyway, I'm looking to upgrade the classic's radio to an Ultra style CB/intercom system.
The H-D accessory book doesn't list an upgrade for the classic as it does for the Road Glide and I'm sure additional parts will be necessary-left switch pak, speaker switch & wiring-things that are standard on the RG. But can anyone tell me if the parts listed for the Road Glide can be made to work on the Classic?
Or any advice at all (other than I shouldn't attempt, but I can't afford to trade bikes!).
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It can be done but it will be very expensive. despite the flat fee Radio Sound has to upgrade the radio. In addition to all the parts you will need an overlay harness that everybody fails to even mention and HD gets over $250.00 just for this.

Go to yahoo groups and do a search for a group called "roadglide". They just discussed it.

If you are like me and don't care about the static from the rear seat and just want to listen to the tunes, you can upgrade the speakers for a set of Polk Audio speakers, a little over $100.00 from Circuit City, and run the AVC up to max and the thing sounds great.

I'll understand if you opt for the expensive way, I don't have to live with the source of the static. LOL.
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