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Does anyone have any specific experience regarding the comparative accuracy of dynoes. I.e. if my Road king posts 93 tque, and 83 hp at the dealer in Glendale, Ca., how much might it vary if i took it to 10 other shops around the country. Assume i didn't make sure i was comparing the same makes of Dynoes, just took it in and said "dyno".

The reason I ask, I have a Suzuki SV 650. Lots of the guys get dyno tests and the results are all over the place. Unlike Harleys, there are not many modifications generally available/affordable, mostly diiferent slip-ons. With slip on, dyno results will vary from 65 to 75 hp. I know some of these guys and don't think they are BSing. Justs seems too large of a spread considering typical Japanese build quality.

I realize that when tuning a specific bike, you usually use the same dyno, so even if its off, it should be relatively consistent, so no problem. But, what if you compare to a different dyno in another part of the country like we do on this forum?
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