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I would suggest you guys hit as many showrooms as possible, sit on the bikes and talk to owners. Sometimes just sitting on a certain model "feels right" and that is an important consideration. Bike Week and Biketoberfest have the demo rides which turn you loose - unescorted (unless you ride a Buell or V-Rod) on a several mile loop. Great place to ride the different models back-to-back.

As many of us know, you tend to fall in love with the look of a particular model. Aside from looks, the Softails tend to be better for shorter riders, the Dynas better for taller. I don't feel vibration is an issue any more with the TCs but the Softails give up a few HP to spin the counterbalancers. The Softails might have a slight edge in passenger comfort since the rear fender is wider so the seat tends to be wider (depending on model).

Each model has its own look, feel and intended use but none is inherently superior to the other.
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