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Posted this on the Softail section but didn't get a response on it yet. Thought I would try it here.

Been pondering the idea of putting dual disc on the front of a Heritage Softail. The 03 SE Duece has dual front disc brakes and all of the touring bikes do as well. From what I can tell the touring bikes use the same front forks as the FL softails. Got me to thinking maybe I could swap out the right fork on a FL softail with one from a touring bike and put a disc brake on it??? Thought I could use the parts from the SE Duece for the lines and such, maybe the caliper setup from the touring???

Not that the softail would need dual discs, just thought this would be a pretty cool custamization.

Does anyone know if the forks off a touring bike will work on a softail? Is my idea feasable? Or not worth the hassle?

Thanks for your input.
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