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DPrice.. retired Army?

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I know a "D Price", retired from the Army many moons ago... used to be affiliated with a HD dealer in NC. Same guy?
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Army..why yes

Former Military Police Captain, just left active duty in July. Could NOT hang around for 8 more to retire:(

Glad I did, or I would be in the Gulf with the rest of my brothers...

Spent time as enlisted, what duty stations were you at?

Different "D"...

The fella I know retired as a Army helo pilot - think he got out as an 05. I believe he worked at a HD dealer in western NC or western VA - but I've since lost touch with him.

I spent 20+ on AD - one year in VN, one year in Korea, the rest at good ol' Fort Bragg. Retired in 1989, been 'in the business' as a civil servant ever since. Someday I'll decide what I want to do when I grow up... ;)

Hey, you oughta get your happy a$$ back in - they need you 'over there'. Actually, as an MP, you'd likely find yourself in Bosnia or Kosovo. You've probably already done that gig...

Take care, hope this forum takes off like some of the others I belong to.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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