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Does Harley use a "special" engine break in oil?

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A number of automobile manufacturers are using what they like to refer to as a special engine break in oil in new cars and trucks. Basically it's most likely just a synthetic, or synthetic blend. My Audi came with this (it's a synthetic) and they recommend NOT changing the oil until the first scheduled service so this special oil can do its work.

I was wondering if Harley uses anything like this in their new bikes. I just put 100 miles on my new Road King and I would like to change the oil now to get rid of the metal shavings that I'm sure are floating around in the oil.


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K-Y for tight fits.:D
Break-in oil myth


I believe that this break-in oil is becoming a myth now.

If you look at the new HD Synthetic screaming eagle oil 20W-50, it is clearly stated there that it is compatible with break in procedure.

You mentioned that your Audi come with break-in oil. Well I seriously doubt it. I have a 92 Audi S4 w/103kmiles and very modified. Have been using Mobil 1 or Motul synthetic since 800 miles with no problem (actually it is probably arguably in better condition than if I had been using non-synthetic oil). My Mercedes E55 come from the factory with Mobil 1 0W-40 synthetic (same one used by the dealer during service). My Porsche 993 turbo come from the factory with Shell synthetic 5W-40. All current Porsche come with Mobil1 0W-40 from the factory.

My 03 Vrod start using synthetic oil since 500miles.
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Yeah -- anything THEY sell.
Bit^h oil, or the cheaps **** they can buy, they contract it out to lowest company.
hmmmmm break-in oil. Must be something like high-detergent stuff that is ashless... I'll have to go to my local dealer and get some...
joffrey said:
I just put 100 miles on my new Road King and I would like to change the oil now to get rid of the metal shavings that I'm sure are floating around in the oil.

Your RK's oil pan plug is magnetic. Any metal bits floating around will get collected on the plug.

If it'll make you feel better, go ahead and change it.:)

Does Harley use a "special" engine break in oil?
Oh it's special all-right,....specially overpriced like the rest of the stuff with the HD name on it.

It's probably pretty safe to say it's still dino oil. Change in now, again at 500 and again at 1,000. Tried and true method.
those metal shavings that are washing around in your oil are helping to break the engine in by smoothing out all the minute ridges and rough spots from machining. leave your oil in for 1000 miles, then change it. scre
alien would you like to elaborate on why you disagree! go to posts on breaking in engines with a google search and you will see that even the guys breaking in new engines on airplanes are using this type of breakin! scre
Those same particles you are talking about can get lodged into lifter bores, where the breather gear is, the oil pump, etc. The HD engine is aluminum and metal chips can do dammage to any/all of those mentioned components and more. Believe what you want, I stand by my beliefs on this .

Did you ever read your private message I sent you regarding the extended warrantee that I sent you weeks ago ???
i havn't alien, i'll look for it when i get home. talked to a service guy at harley today and he confirmed that the first oil change is 1000 miles!
But not to keep oil chips in to help break in the oil !!! You could change it every 100 miles and it would not hurt anything. If you believe everything the service department is going to tell you you're in for some interesting stories. Go ahead and ask that same service guy about the chips helping break in the engine, I am interested in his reply to you. Why do you think there is s magnet on the drain plug??
The first 1000 mile oil change is considered the MAX for the oil not the MIN.. Therefor the metal particals are not good for any engine..... Like a soft fly turn between your eyelid and eyeball....
That old myth about metal shavings has been around for years -- it's bunk! I run a website for diesel pickups and people have said the same thing ---- and they have been proven wrong time and again.
My new ride came with an oil filter. Last I checked they all did (at least I think so). Being a mechanic and design engineer I can confidently say that's what that gizmo is there for.

As for all the rocks floating around in yer engine downstream of the filter, if running the motor doesn't flush em out, then just draining the oil won't either. In other words, change the oil as often as you like (so you can sleep at night) but don't exceed the recommended service intrevals.

:cool: :) :cool:
Whats the magnet on the drain plug for then ??
"It never hurt an engine to change the oil." Been hearing that all my life.
On new Harley break-in (I've done ten), I change at 500mi and again at 1,000mi. Never have seen an engine problem in 30 years of it, no kidding. If you think a little metal might help break-in, take a lifter apart and think about tiny particles of metal flowing through it.
Gene P.
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