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Does anyone have an answer for this??

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Does anyone know how many of each model they make each year from
the H-D factory? I was talkin' with some buddies tonight.. My one buddy asked, "how many Fat Boys do you think they produced in 2001?"..
So we all made guesses, but knowbody knew.. Does anyone know here?
I was guessin' 15,000 fatboys in 2001. nickp.
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On the HD web site you can click on "company" then "investor relations" then "motorcycle and customer data".:cool:

From here you can get a quarterly numbers of mototrcycles shipped but they only break it down in catagories "Sportster" "Custom" and "Touring" . For example, they shipped 118,303 customs in '01

There are 7 softtail and five dyna models. You could simply divide 118K by 11, but not all models are equally popular, as you know, the FatBoy is a popular choice. I'd bet 15,000 is in the right ball park.

If you really want to know, you could call HD's Investor Relations Department (800-877-HDSTOCK).

Oops 7+5 = 12

...my dumb ass:rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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