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Hey Guys, Thanks for all the help with the carburetor last time, the Mik 42 went on without a hitch.

I have a 1994 FatBoy with an 80 inch Evo. Crane Fireball 316 cam, Screaming Eagle a/c and Vance and Hines Straight Shots with the supplied baffles.

The bike runs almost perfect except for an occasional miss or hiccup at around 2000 rpm if I am riding along at steady speed. It also will occasionally just die at idle for no aparent reason with no warning. Idle is around 1000 rpm. I can not duplicate either problem because it is very intermittent.

It is also hard to get the starter to engage with the key in the headlights on position. It starts in the lights off position with no problem. This appears to be an ignition switch problem.

I am mostly concerned with the dieing at idle and the miss at 2000 rpms. A friend of mine seems to think it is the ignition module under the seat or maybe the pickup in the nose cone.

Where do I start?

Is there a way to test without buying a lot of parts.

If it is the module, should I use factory parts or convert to single fire?

What are the pros and cons of single fire ignition?

What brand do you recommend?

Which ones to avoid?

I know that if I go with single fire that I will have to buy a coil also.

Thanks in advance, SnailTraX

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Well I have replaced many of the stock ign switchs, they will cause the problem you have. They start to short out or will open the connection and you loose power to you coil, hence the bike stop running. I would first get your switch sorted out, and see if the problem is still there.

There are issue with the stock ign system but as i said , I would work out the ign switch first , as if you have intermediate power going to the ign system that will cause many a issue.

As always check your power and grounds, battery state of charge and the charging system in the process. A poor or loose grnd wire will create some big issues
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