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I don't know why I am admitting to this, but maybe it will bring a smile to your faces......

Four days ago, I was driving home and decided to pull over and get some gas for the next days trip. As I showed the bike off to some fan, I pumped about four bucks worth in the tank, started the bike, drove ten feet and the bike died. I cranked it and nothing. I thought......damn, its flooded so I sat there about half an hour and then cranked it some more......nothing. I continued to crank until the battery went dead. An hour later a tow truck arrived and forty bucks later the bike sat dead in my garage.

The next day, I called Harley and they came out and picked my bike up. It took them a day or so to charge up the battery until they could diagnose the problem. I nervously called them on the hour to see what the hell the matter was..............dumb ass me pumped four bucks of diesel gas in the thing. Total cost four one tank of gas........$294.00, and a whole lot of embarassment. The guys down at Destination Harley ribbed me pretty good. I said....yeah I am here to pick up my V-rod......the service guy behind the counter says......oh yeah the diesel one. Caution......never reach for the green handled pump!!!!!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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