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Did you know......(I didn't)

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October 09, 2000

All EFI & Police Vehicle Start-up Concerns:

Some Police Departments have expressed concerns regarding the starting
process on fuel injected motorcycles. There is a mistaken impression
they must wait for the fuel pump to shut off and the check engine light
to turn off before starting the engine. This may have an affect on
how soon they can respond to certain situations. When the ignition
switch is turned on, the fuel pump relay is energized and the check
engine light is lit for about 4 seconds. If the ECM does not receive
a crank sensor signal within this 4 seconds, the power is removed from
the relay until a crank signal is received. If the ECM receives a
crank signal during the first 4 seconds after key on, the ECM will
continue to supply power to the fuel pump relay and allow the vehicle to
start immediately. There will be no adverse affects to turning the
ignition on and immediately starting any fuel injected vehicle. Please
explain this to all your local Police Department Motor Officers to make
them feel comfortable to respond at a moment's notice as the need arises
(and obviously this relates to you civilians out there as well).

Dermot. :D :D :D
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Damn....I was hopin that myth continued to circulate in all the motor cop's minds. I figure it gave me an extra 4 seconds of head start after knockin over a 7-11.
Sorry mate :(

All I knew is that when I'm running out of one (7/11) I like to know I've got a head start!
Over here in the UK the cops don't have Harleys.
They got BMW bikes an all sorts of cars, but they're ALL pointed the 'Wrong' way!.
Makes the getaway the more easiear I guess...

D. :D :D :D
Well, go and try that on a Delphi bike.

It should have read "no long term effects"
Sorry you guys. Thats ALL 'Harley''s own wording.
I just copied and pasted it........
Use your own judgment.
OK, it can be done, but what does this do to the ECM? I'll continue to start mine the other way - after the light goes out. So far, I've only wasted about 30-35 minutes total waiting the four seconds to start.
Ok guys, so its a useless piece of info.
Just thought people would like to know 'it can be done' if you do what I did when I first got the bike.
Stalled it at traffic lights with an almighty line of traffic behind me in rush hour!!! Hadn't been on a bike in over two years and was a bit rusty to say the least. Never mind the nerves, what with just taking delivery of a £14000 not $ piece of art!!!
Anyway, don't do it unless your in 'HOT' pursuit, or a rusty knob!
:rolleyes: ;) :D
I wouldn't say it's useless info Harleyhog, I just wouldn't recommend it if you have the time to wait. I did it once and she didn't like it at all. It was probably a coincidence but - who knows. Thanks for the tip.:)
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