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barrygreen said:
I see some are setting the RPM pod at 7, why and what did you gain? :whisper:
My current settings are 2:30, 3, 3, 4.

Stock Head Pipes
Samson Silver Bullet Fishtails (baffled)
S/E Air Filter
Stage 1 download
It is here somewhere........ In the meantime, here is a Newsflash from Dobeck

Quote "everyone talks about what they used to get before and what they got after modifying there engine.

don't be suprised if you get lower mileage numbers after modifying the engine and adding some fuel to obtain the best results from the modifications made.

now that being said you don't have to add any fuel if you don't want to. the unit is fully in your control. try reducing your settings which will take you closer to the stock amount of fuel that you originally had before modifying the engine and adding a fuel controller.

i understand that everyone probably wants to get better mileage with the current gas prices and that's up to them. but don't modify your engine with performance enhancing products and expect stock mileage numbers that's really never going to happen and if it does the engine will die a horrible lean death with mods and no fuel to go with them"

Plenty of reading over here at the Users Forum, oops, can I say that?


The 7:00 setting was more correct and kicked in at 4000, plus even keeps the green from working till 1200 rpm.

I have a similar setup: 2004 RKC, SE a/c, and Wild Pig slip-ons. I had it set to the recommended settings, but found from other forums that the yellow pot (at 6:00) is aimed at a full exhaust replacement. Settings I use now work well and cured the "shortness of breath" at WOT too:

Green: 3:15
Yellow: 4:30
Red: 4:15
RPM: 7:00

The odd RPM setting came from other users who found that in this position, it acts like 4:00 but holds the red pot until 1200 rpm.
Don't know for sure what it does, but I do know that my bike runs strong in any gear and is strongest now at WOT. Popping is gone on decel from high rpm. Let me know how this works for you.

· Doing time, behind bars!
1,480 Posts

csoday said:
You might not get stock milage numbers with a fuel adder like the Dobek but you can with a SERT.
Well, so far I have not been able to get anything close to stock. With the DFO, or without (Stage 1 download), my fuel light always came on at 170 kilometers, and takes about 12 liters to fill (so about 1/3 left in tank). Now that I have a SERT map installed, the fuel light now comes on at 180 kilometers and the same 12 liters to fill.
The only thing I can think of is that the fuel is crap here but from most reports I can find it is supposed to be 91 octane. :whistle: and when I check my plugs, they are white
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