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Dewey's Happy New Year Picture

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Happy New Year!
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Way to Cool!
Wheres the Lizard Juice???????????????? Ozzie
Ozzie In Arabia said:
Wheres the Lizard Juice???????????????? Ozzie


You beat me to it Ozzie,

Happy new year!!!

That's too much!!

Now to be fair to everyone, you all need to ask rpbrock to show us all the picture of how he spent some time over the Holidays discussing the spritual aspects of Christmas with a lawn ornament! It is something you have to see!!

The best New Year to everyone!!
A. That's a fresh lizard on the Chic-let box. Dewey just hasn't had a chance to squeeze it yet. Dewey doesn't usually squeeze his lizard in front of the camera. But he has been known to spank a monkey or two....

B. I don't know what you speak of..... I was simply adjusting it's stance so it would look more natural. Glad nobody on the block had a nativity scene on their lawn......
brock is a sick man. What I say every morning - Here I sit,bunns a flexing-just gave birth to another Texan.
See if I can show you all how a Texan spends his spare time!!

This is our friend rpbrock trying to impregnate one of his brothers XXXmas decorations. Note his brother off to the right learning the correct technique.
That could be anybody... look at the hat... he's probably an Okie....
maybe he's chargin' up the lights...kinda works like them flashlights...
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