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Deuce rear wheel removal

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Any tricks I should know to get the Deuce rear wheel off. The brake
caliper and I are having a conflict!
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After getting the service manual and reading the darn thing this became an easy, but lengthy task. Trick is removal of the inner brake pads on the rear calipers so that the caliper will clear and can be removed.

Now the question is...if the rear axle was inserted from left to right instead of right to left, would one have to remove the muffler to get
the rear wheel off? Has anyone checked this out?
As you wish, but I would strongly advise against it, despite the fact that many do so.

As long as nothing happens it makes no difference, but while it is a longshot, it is possible for the axle to loosen and walk out in case of a bearing failure.
Been There Done That. This Is Really A Pathetic Design.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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