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Deuce 180 tire kit?

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Ok, i know this has been asked to death, but one last time.. there are hundreds of kits on the market it seams. some you need a new swingarm, shim, caliper. some you need a wheel, swingarm, caliper no shim. some say you can just install the shim and put the 180 tire with no air then add air after installation. what do i really need to do the job right.



06 DEUCE porker perf pipes, stg 1 kit, HD race tuner, HD billet tach. smoke lense kit.
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stock wheel or 18"

If your going to keep the stock wheel then just go with a 170 and save yourself the headache. If you want the 180 (or 200) then switch to a 18" wheel. IMO you'll be very glad if you switch to the 18" wheel. I have the solid chrome 18" with Avon 180 and really like it. Looks very good.
I ran out of tire before I had the money for going all new wheels on my 04 Deuce. So I just had the guy install a Screamin Eagle Dunlop 180 on my stock wheel. All he did was add a pully spacer and took off the lower belt guard. You can notch the guard, but I like the look without it myself. The Screamin Eagle Dunlop is the only 180 that will work with the stock 4.5 inch wide wheel. It looks a lot better than the 160 Dunlop. I also went with a 90/90 Avon Venom on the front.
I run a 180m on 18" and it looks and handles better. no other mods needed.
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