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Posted this up the street too.

Typical Questions:
Who's riding?
Where do we meet? (Haymarket, VA, Sheetz gas station?)
What time?
Meet for brekkie?
Where we riding to/from?
Will TimmyD ever get out of doghouse to go riding?

ovanay elinquentday
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Did this die on the vine?

0043--Licensed to Doof!
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It's gonna rain/snow on Friday.
Besides, I gotta work.

Obsolete Rider
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Damn Jerry...whatdidjado to it now?! :blink:
had a lifter go out on me while riding to work one day.
(this time it was the front intake lifter)
Needle bearings in the roller came out and went everywhere.
Trashed the cam, lifters, lifter blocks, and pistons.
Had to pull her completely apart to clean up the debris.
Good news is that I did the first heat cycles this past Sat.
and rode yesterday. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

I'm back to being a happy camper again.


Does it look any different?

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