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Sad to see, but there are more and more dealers like that these days, but their attitude will change with the market.

Quite a few are hurting right now, in part due to the general condition of the economy and in part due to the upcoming anniversary year, They will clean up big time in 03, but I have a feeling they might have a real uphill battle after the 03 model year.
They make a much higher profit per bike when dealing with new people, not only on the bike itself but with all the associated stuff like extended warranties, services and image enhancers, but in the long run what keeps them in business is the old timers, many of which are extremely disappointed with the attitude of some dealers and the factory.
There are only a few things we can do about it, and providing information to the newer riders is a very good way to fight back, unless you are willing to change what you ride, which for me is not a option as of now, because I believe we can eventually get them to change if we vote with dollars often enough.

They have bet the farm on the new riders, time will tell if they bet right.
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