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I have an 07 twin cam motor with the stage 4 103 kit out of an FXDB. It's in need of work, and I want to get Darkhorse to do the bottom end. I'll be putting about 100\100 HP\TQ to it.

I'm gonna to drop it in my '08 FLHTCU and run geared cams.

The following is the work I'm going to for sure get done:

Timken crankcase bearings
Plug & weld crankpin
Torrington cam bearings
S&S piston jets

I'm looking for reliability over anything else. Im fine doing top end work, but I'm out of my depth on the bottom end, which is why I want it to be an absolutely bulletproof build.

Any advice on additional work\ upgrades I can get done to increase the reliability?

If I get a brand new cam plate, is there any benefit to getting the crank bushing line bored?

Has anyone heard of cases where its more cost effective to buy a reworked crank?

If the crank I send in needs a lot of work, will the shop give me a credit for keeping my crank as a core if I buy one of thier reworked units?

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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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