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dark candy ruby/light candy ruby

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looking for a pic of harley davidson paint dark candy ruby/light candy ruby that has a -90 on the end of the part # or were to look thanks oneton
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What year was paint offered. Mike
• 1992

• Vivid Black
• White
• Dark Sapphire
• Turquoise
• Silver
• Red Voyage
• Birch White
• Bright Sapphire
• Light Candy Ruby
• Dark Candy Ruby
• Light Poppy Pearl

I found this mentioned on a web site. Was this the year it was offered?
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dark candy ruby

FatbOy yes i think so part# is 59144-90jv for painted rear fender but as you know would also fit a 92
dark candy ruby

mike like FatbOy said 1992 flstfc/n
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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