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Dakota Kid carbs?

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My new (to me) 98 Lowrider came with a Dakota Kid reworked carb (photos on the new guy post)
The bike came out of Denver--I'm in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. Around here, all the carb talk is Mikuni or S&S. I'm running stock, with slip-on pipes and a super sucker/SS breather arrangement.
Do any of you know this builder--resonable carb?...or should I be looking at any bid advantages with one of the others?
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Excellent carb for me so far. Good throttle response, good mileage.
Took some time to dial in the AFR, but was definitely my lack of experience at the time.
The basically stage I mods you have will by no means challenge the carb, have it checked on a Dyno with a sniffer, don't worry about the large pilot (slow) jet, it's typically a 52 due to modified air bleeds.
Turn the slow speed screw in and seat it GENTLY, then 4.5 turns out as a starting point. The adjustable needle no more than 2nd notch from the top, or start out with 1st notch and two 0.01 washers. Main is probably 195, but the last thing to worry about.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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