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Dakota Kid carbs?

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My new (to me) 98 Lowrider came with a Dakota Kid reworked carb (photos on the new guy post)
The bike came out of Denver--I'm in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. Around here, all the carb talk is Mikuni or S&S. I'm running stock, with slip-on pipes and a super sucker/SS breather arrangement.
Do any of you know this builder--resonable carb?...or should I be looking at any bid advantages with one of the others?
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The DK carb is a good one. If you need jetting advice you can email them at Dakota Kid and tell them about your altitude changes or other mods and they'll give you a pretty accurate recommendation on your jetting needs.

I've had mine for two years and its a major improvement over the stock carb. I don't have any experience with Mikuni or S&S, so I'm in no position to compare to them.

ViennaHog will probably weigh in here with an opinion as well...and probably has more experience with competetive offerings than I do.
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