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Cycle shack slip on vs Vance/Hines long shots

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Thinkin about getting new pipes for my 05 Flstfi. Vance and Hines are alot higher priced than the cycle shacks. I have had VH before on another bike and they do sound good, they where the bigshots however, I do not want to spend that much however. How do the cycle shacks sound? What about their performance? Thanks
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Hard to beat the SE slip on's have dynod both the cycle shacks are luder and sound very close to D&D slip ons another good slip on
I have the Cycle Shack slip-ons on my Deluxe. They are loud, for sure. Good performer and pretty cheap too. Think I paid around $125 for them.
Tried the V&H BS and cycle shack slip ons on my 95". The CS are much better low end than the BS and not as good at peak rpm. Both sound good.
I had the cycle shack full exhaust system on my heritage and switched to the SE torque slip ons. the cycle shacks were too loud for my taste.
Cycle Shacks have to be the best bang for the buck. Chrome Werks are good too.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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