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Rthomson said:
I ride an 03 Fatboy with REVTEC wheels (pic attached). The bike really doesn't track well at all. Even with Metzlers. My tech told me on my last tire change that my custom wheels have old fashioned bearings (not sealed bearings) and this will cause the bike to feel loose. My question is; does anyone out there know if I can replace the bearings and races in my REVTEC wheels with new style sealed bearings safely?

Thankx and happy holidays to all!
I never had a problem with the Timken bearings on any of my older bikes. First, I would check the usual suspects: air in tires pressure set to factory specs, rear axle centered in swing arm, steering head bearings properly adjusted.

Next obtain a dial (spring type) micrometer and base and measure both wheels for run out.

Lastly, pull the wheels and measure the axles for wheel bearing end play. I presume you have a genuine Harley-Davidson Service Manual specific for your year and model bike. Use the end play values and service procedures specified in the manual. You will save some time if you get some suitable spacers so that the end play can be checked without mounting the wheels on the bike.

The first places I would check, is the alignment of the axle in the rear fork and the adjustment of the steering head bearing.

Was the bike OK before you switched wheels?
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