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Hi guys,
I know this should go in the softail section but I tried over there and did get no reply.
I have Finally found a good artist for the Harley (2002 Softail Standard) in the London area and I am getting front and rear fender, tank and oil reservoir painted in a couple of weeks time.
I will be stripping the bike myself and I have bought the service manual for this very purpose.
Any issue that I should be aware of?
Has anyone taken the oil reservoir off? How messy is it? It says this part of the job need speciality tools (oil line tool and hose clamp pliers).
WHat is the oil line tool?

Once it's done I'll post a picture of the bike.
Thanks for your help


You might want to call your local HD dealer service dept and ask them.

Draining the oil before removing should eleminate most of the mess.

Ask a dealer tech if the tools can be bought. Some applications use tools that only the service depts have so you have to bring the bike into them.

I can't imagine removing the oil tank would be that speciallized.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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