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Kreem, or not?

I put a Quick-Bob tank on my Sportster a little over 2 years ago. I was talkin to my wrench bout Kreemin the tank. His advice was NOT to use Kreem. He said the Kreeme does nothing to stop any leaks, it's just to protect against rust in the tank. Also, he said the Kreeme will eventually come loose and when it does the problems start, the lesser just a stopped up petcock, the worse having to rebuild the carb. He suggested the following, which I did and have not had any problems with rust. Do this AFTER the tank is painted and ready to install.

1. Seal all the gas caps, fuel outlets, vents, etc.
2. Pour in a quart of KEROSENE.
3. Slosh it around good to coat the entire inside of the tank.
4. Leave it overnight, reslosh in the morning, and that evening, leaving the KEROSENE in the tank.
5. Just before you install the tank, pour out the KEROSENE and pour in a quart of GAS.
6. Slosh it all around, pour the GAS out and install the tank.

Now the most important thing to do:
Keep the tank full of gas. I don't mean stop every 50 miles to fill it up, but don't leave it for an extended period of time with less than half full. You won't have any rustin problems if you do this. If it's full of gas, moisture can't form inside to cause rust.

Sorry, can't help you on the pressure testing. I took mine to a auto radiator shop, where I thought they could test it, and they couldn't figure out how to seal all the outlets up to put pressure on it. I took a chance and it turned out to be ok. (I wish those damn aftermarket companies would detail how you're supposed to pressure test)

Since you're riding a Sportster, check out www.sportster.org

That's the BEST site on the web for Sportster owners!

Malfunction.....(SportyReb on www.sportster.org)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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