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niget2002 said:
I think I got this straight, but I want to make sure. I plan on doing SOMETHING to the bike this summer, but it will depend on funds.

a 95" is stock cases bored over. YES
a 98" is after market cases. NO, 98" bolt on kit from HDWRENCH site sponsor
a 103" is stock cases bored like the 95" with a stroker kit. YES

So, what does the 98" cases with the same stroker kit come out to? You need a matching stroker piston, doubt there is one
I know the 37g is recommended for 95"-98" bikes. What about the 103 or ?"?

Yes, I know this depends on my riding style. My riding style is me or light 2-up (she only weighs 110 when she feels fat). I like lots of stop-light power, but realisticaly a lot of my riding is highway (been averaging 1000 miles/month since buying this bike in October). So I guess I'm really just the typical 2000-4000 rider.

Also. I plan on doing all the work myself with the exception of cracking the cases for the strocker kit. Anybody know how many hours of labor a shop would typically take to crack cases and swap the flywheel?

Thanks in advance, and when I get done we'll ?prty:
Only partiallly answering your questions, cams and stuff is for the experts......
Contact HDWRENCH and he'll walk you through
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