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Cruise Control for '98 FLHTC carburated

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Been thinking lately that it would be nice to have electronic cruise control for those long highway trips. Checked out accessories on HD web site. They have a unit for "'98-later FLHTCI", "'97 FLHTCI", and "'97 FLHT,FLHTC". '98 FLHTC (carb) is not specifically listed. I'm not sure if HD sells one for my carb bike. Anybody know? Hopefully my dealer will:rolleyes:

All of the HD units are right around $400.

Anyone have experience with installing/using HD or aftermarket electronic cruise control units? Any quality aftermarket units that you would recommend looking into?

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IMO, cruise is absolutely fantastic on the open road!

I have heard that it's next to impossible to find one of these HD cruise kits.

Providing you do find one for your bike, I know a guy that has installed a bunch of them and would surely be willing to walk you through installing it. Shoot me an e-mail when you're ready and I'll get you hooked up with him.

Cold Rider
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