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Crappy paint, advice needed (long).

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Picked up my '02 Fatboy last May and it had what looked like a small piece of dirt under the clearcoat. Dealer ordered a new tank and I made the 200 mile (one-way) trip to have the tank installed. Went out and looked at the bike and it had several fingerprint size blotches in the new tank. They said they wanted to buff it out and I told them that I probably wouldn't be happy with it becasue it was gonna have swirl marks in it because it is black. They tried, it did, new tank ordered. I then made another trip and had the third tank installed--they buffed this one before they ever brought it out to me and it looks okay in the shop but get it out in the sun and there are still some blotches like the second tank and, of course, it has swirl marks. So what am I left to do--I've got an $18k bike that looks like a shady used car dealer got a hold of it with his buffer. Should I continue to go through the dealer, contact Harley, or what? Any advice will be appreciated. :confused:
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I totally agrre! DO NOT TOUCH THE TANK! Make HD fix it...you pay good money for a bike and it should have quality paint...thatas not optional, that should be the minimum standard. I bought my 99 new and came back from Sturgis with a chip in the paint on the tank that was obvious as a defect as the paint flecked on the backside of the tank...so stone chip etc was out of the question. HD fought like bastards that it was everything under the sun, and finally "gave in" by getting me a new half side tank from HD under warranty. It was black so I was worried about having one side brand spankin new and one side with a few months of sunshine on it, but luckily the one guy at the dealership took the time to buff up the other side to a perfect match. You swear it was like someone there was paying for it out of there dying kids medicine money! SOunds like the dealer is being a bastard and dont let them back you into feeling like "oh perhaps I"M too picky"...They OWE it to you to get it right...they sold you a product, you paid for it and they MUST deliever!

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