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Crane HTC-300-2 Cams

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What about the Crane HTC-300-2 cams for a Bagger? You never hear about them, everything is Andrews, Woods and sometimes Wild Thing.

Doc, if you read this, how does this cam slot in with the Andrews TW21 and TW26?

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The crane you mentioned was the first set of cams I put in my EG. After about 3k mules I changed to the Andrews 26G and was amazed at the diffrence. The 26G cams pulled better across the whole power band.
The timing of the cams is very similiar, but I think the ramps on the Andrews cams are more aggressive.
Get the 26G if all you are doing is the cams. Gear drive is the only way to go.
For reference

Crane HTC300-2
In 13 33 .505 lift
Ex 42 14 .505 lift

In 11 35 .490
Ex 41 09 .490
LittleBear, was your EG 88 or 95 when you tried the Crane?

Well since you requested Doc's opinion and he hasn't spoke up I'll quote him from 12/28/04 .

vtwinsurgeon said:
I'd recommend the Andrews 26A first then the 37B. The 37B will need more compression to make it bark. The 26A will come on a lot earlier, (around 2000 rpm) and it doesn't require the hi compression, although more compression will give you more torque.
As far as the Craine cams go.....you can get more bark for the money with the two I listed...
And from the same thread, GRock:

GRock said:
If you are leaving the heads, then the 26 is probably the way to go. However, be advised that on a twin cam, leaving the heads stock will not allow ANY cam to reach it's potential. Flowing the heads on your bike will open up another 10 to 12 HP and TQ. Especially on a 95". With head work, you can go to the Andrews 37B or G for Gear Drive, the Wood TW6 or the Crane 290 grind. Not a big change in performance with just the 26 and stock heads on a 95.
Having seen the bagger friendly dyno on Dewey's site of a TW26G on a 95 with his basic Street Port, I'd like to see how the HTC-300-2 performs with a similar setup.
LittleBear, was your EG 88 or 95 when you tried the Crane?
It is a stock 88 with SE air cleaner, Dyno slide and rejetted CV carb and White Brothers E series slipon mufflers. The only change was the cams when I went for the Crane to the Andrews 26G. I did it soully to get rid of the chains but was suprised at the increase in performance. Maybe my carb tune just liked the Andrews cams better. :hmmm:
I don't think it was your carb tune as much as it was the shorter overlap of the 26 working better in a 88.
I'll be installing HTC-300-2 cams with a Crane 4 deg advance sprocket soon. (sprocket courtesy of nighttrain67)

I'll post before and after dyno runs as soon as I have them.
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