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Couple of questions

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OK! I've lurked around this site for a few weeks now.
I've got a question or 2 (or 3, or 4).
1st, I've figured out most of the abreviations, but FNG is a stumper.
2nd, either I,ve stopped by the Chat Room when noone else is around,
or I'm not doing something correctly. (No geek here!)
Forgot 3 & 4, will post again later, when the grey matter clears!
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Welcome to the forum bear!

Here are some answers I hope will help.

1) FNG = Fu(kin New Guy :) and yes you can change it in your profile or it will change automatically when you post. Notice that mine says "Iron Butt", that changed after so many posts ( not sure the amount).

2) The chat room is there but typically people have to coordinate with others you want to talk to...it's not like iRC where there are thousands of people waiting to chat.

Hope that help....peace.
Thanx, JJ
Now I do have PEACE!
bear aka Don B
Hardly a newbie!
To the FORUM, yes!
To bikes & ridin', not close!
Learned to ride my late uncle's '63 BSA Lightning 37 yrs ago.
Still have a BSA ('67 A65S mill & tranny/'68 A65L frame) bought in the late 70's. (Nearly a basket-case now; needs major restore.)
Had a '81 920 Virago for a couple yrs. (my only Asian departure)
Bought my first HD 18 yrs ago. (an '80 FLT)
Bought my current ride 17 yrs ago. ('83 FXDG "Willie G")
Had a late '84 FLHTC for about a yr around '94. (wish I still had it!)
Maybe this post should be on the other forum but it isn't about my 1st RIDE!
Anyway, I be around (LURKING)!:D
bear13 said:

Maybe this post should be on the other forum but it isn't about my 1st RIDE! :D
Just what was her name anyway? :D
Hey Bear, welcome to the Forum. You've probably noticed a few others from Ga. here. Check out StrayDogs post about an eyeball get together. Macon ai'nt that fer from Nawth Jawja. Maybe we can hook up for a brew or two. You'll like it here, lots of knowledgable folks.
Cain't seem to be able to edit my profile, but, no biggie.
Thanx for your help! :)
Now that distantstorm & I have hooked up, Probably shouldn't answer
that! :D
Naw, Chickamauga tain't fer 'tal! Pass by on I-75 quite often.
Met new friends at Bristol AHDRA drags last month from Chattanooga.
Plan to go up to see them soon.
He's a welder & has wrenched on H-D's for many moons.
Said he'd help with fixin' up lower cases on old Ironhead we have.
Sooo, we'll definitely be headed that way soon.
Would love to eyeball!
Will check out StrayDog's post directly.
Almost forgot!!!! Gonna be in Cherokee this weekend for Survivor's Rally!:)
Will PM you w/cell # if you're goin'!
Enjoyin' all the boards tremendously.
Thanx for all the "Welcomes"! :D
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Can't find StrayDog's post.
Please navigate me!
b & ds

Goto the Help thread..it will explain how to edit your profile...or goto the top of the page and select the button labelled "User CPanel"
Can't make it this weekend. Bike's still in the shop. Here's the thread for StrayDog. Not much response to it yet but I'd still like to get it together.
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