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Could sure use some HELP with this please.

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I would really appreciate any and all input on this please.
Well here goes. I've recently acquired the means to capture this pesky little problem I’ve been having with this intermittent engine light thing. I found out that (via my laptop and a nifty little piece of hard ware), the only code on my bike is: P0263 Rear Injector Open/Low.
Now just what the heck do, I do about it. Yea I know what your thinking if this guy can figure out how to communicate with his engine then why doesn’t he know how to fix the problems he finds!?!? Well I ask myself that question all the time but anyway… Just what does this error mean and just what can I do about it. I better tell you that I’ve done the stage 1 thing, K&N air filter, Python staggered’s and a Power Commander. The Power Commander is a Vance and Hines type. This all began about 2 months ago. She started getting hard to crank. The bike runs great once I can get it cranked. I’ve got good juice from a new battery, which I keep on a tender. But, it almost acts like it’s flooding but then she’ll fire off and run good. During my ride the engine light will come on intermittently. I believe this is what I captured. Once the bike is warmed up she’ll fire right off no problems. I sure could use any and all the help/info I can get. Thanks in advance.
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I'll give this a shot but feel free to shoot holes all in this.......It sounds basically like the computer is telling you that the injector is stuck open. The injector is really just a very quick acting soleniod valve of sorts and electrically controlled. Sounds to me like it may be sticking at times which may also explain the flooding feeling on that cycl. The "Low" may be referring to "Low Resistance" in the solenoid if the computer can sense that........just throwing out some electronics experience to the wind. Hope it may help. Try reading the front injector with a meter while you show the code and match that to a reading of the rear. Would suspect they should be the same but on yours showing the code, it may show much differently.

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I also seem to remember a problem about wires to the injectors being too short and causing a problem by pulling partially loose or rubbing. Can't recall if that was model specific or across the board though.

The "Electrical Troubleshooting" manual would probably have additional testing procedures in it.
Step one is to pull the VH powercommander off and see if the problem is still there.....if the PC is the culprit and isnt eliminated first..you"ll go in circles cause everything will test ok.
Is it easy enough to swap injectors and see if the problem follows it?
Big Thank you!!!

:thanks: Hey guys thanks for the input. I'll be putting your suggestions to work this weekend. It's still there. I can clear my codes and it'll come right back.I never thought about swapping injectors. Guess I'm pulling my tank this weekend. I've got to figure this thing out. She's rideable but it's a little embarassing when she gives me a hard time cranking.
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