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Ran into a strange issue today that took me a little while to figure out.

Bike is a 2012 TriGlide with the OEM alarm system. A couple of months ago I installed the Smart Siren II and there have been no problems.

Today, I found myself unable to disarm the alarm system. Whenever I put the ignition switch to "ignition," the siren immediately started blaring as if it didn't recognize the presence of the fob. I repeatedly ltried both fobs (with fresh batteries) as well as the PIN code. I would be able to enter the PIN code but as soon as I entered the fifth digit, the siren would blare.

I finally removed the siren from the bike (all the while blaring away) and removed the 9-volt battery to quiet it.

I then found out that without the siren installed, the alarm system operates normally and I am able to disable the system with both the fob and the PIN code.

I have not yet reinstalled the siren for fear that it would work now only to leave me stranded somewhere later.

Has anyone ever encountered this issue before?
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