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With apologies to the great Merle Travis who did the original version. A serious topic, but, as of last week, I have a lot of time on my hands.

I went to work Monday
Felt bad and I’m chilled to the bone..
A’ coughin’ and a’sneezin’
Boss said that I should go home
He said “Man, you got bad news…
Coronavirus Blues”

I called the Doc Tuesday
But no one would answer the phone
A message said “I’m sorry
I’m sick so you’re all on your own
Got all the trouble I can use
Coronavirus Blues”…

Got hungry on Wednesday
I hit a big store up the street
But all the shelves were empty
No toilet paper or bleach
Clerk said “Ain’t much left in the way of food
Coronavirus Blues”..

The market tanked on Thursday
Retirement dropped like a stone
Called up my gray haired Mama
Hoped she could float me a loan
She said “I just come back from a cruise
I got, Coronavirus Blues”..

I social distanced on Friday
Stayed home and I sat in my chair
I looked out my front door window
The streets was empty and bare
Figured I’d really hit the booze
Coronavirus Blues

My head hurt on Saturday
Felt like I’d been hit by a truck
I had a hard time breathin’
I knew I’d run out of luck
There ain’t no ventilator I can use
Coronavirus Blues

So Buddy that’s my story
Take my advice and stay home
Wash your hands don’t you touch things
This bug might leave you alone
Your life’s the only thing you’ll lose
Coronavirus blues…

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