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Hi, I bought this online for an entirely different use than that it was made for. I'll quote you the original seller's description:

"You are bidding on a new never mounted Corbin passanger pillion for '65 - '84 FX AND FL, '84- '99 softtail Harley Davidsons model #288. I purchased this for my hollywood solo seat and it does not work. I believe it goes with the standard solo seats.

It has a slight blimish, looks like a tear but not all the way threw the leather. I dropped it taking it out of the box. This seat goes for $229.00."

I have not reason to believe this isn't fact, like I said, I didn't buy this for a bike. Anyway, I'll let this go for WAY below MSRP. If you're interested or want some pics, just let me know. It would be best to email me at [email protected] vs replying to this thread. I'll try and check back here for PMs or replies, but I'll check my email more often. Thanks!

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